Back to Normal


Heading back to work today.   I am mentally preparing for my week while sitting in the stairwell on the train.  I am still bringing food to work and I still plan on eating at least 3 meals while I’m there.  But now the food I’m bringing is all delicious compared to only having one or two that were delicious.
Todays menu consists of:
   – Cherry pie overnight oats (see previous blog for recipe)
    –  Italian seasoned ground turkey meatball sandwich on Ezekiel bread with mozzarella and marinara
   –  1/2 of a burger on an onion bun, left over from yesterdays bbq, with broiled asparagus on the side
   –  if I’m still hungry, salad with chicken, feta, onions and peppers with a homemade avacado dressing (will recipe soon)

So this should all fill me up throughout the day and make it easier to not snack.  I weighed myself this morning and was very happy with the number and my size 8 work pants fit perfect.  Game plan is to maintain this physique.   I have to stay strong and I will!



Cherry Pie Fridge Oats


I made this recipe last night for post workout. It is delicious. While on vacation I would add Vanilla protein powder to Cherry Vanilla yogurt pre workout. Because this has the oats and more carbs, I decided this would be an awesome post workout. The only tweek I made was removing the chia seeds and adding half a scoop if Vanilla Birthday Cake protein powder to up the protein value. Also, while in vacation, I was dipping banana bread in my yogurt protein concoction so I also added a banana to this recipe.

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This is breakfast for me for Week 1 of Fit Girls 28 Day Jumpstart Challenge. I first started making Overnight, No-Cook Refrigerator Oatmeal back in Summer 2012  when I came across these recipes from theyummylife. I forgot how much I LOVE this no cook oatmeal. It has all these wholesome ingredients that will help get your day started, no need for cooking, and you can make a few ahead of time…did I mention no need for cooking? It is jam packed with protein from the Greek yogurt and almond butter to the chia seeds. This is a perfect go to breakfast for those who wake up when they need to leave everyone who loves delicious food!

Here is the recipe for this particular flavor:

Cherry Pie Fridge Oats

1/3c     old fashioned rolled oats

1/3c     unsweetened almond milk

1/2c     2% Greek yogurt

1t         chia seeds

1/2T     almond butter

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Delts In Negril


While on vacation, my husband and I still enjoy working out and the resort we’re staying at has a great gym (outside!).
So since the show finished, I’ve decided to start incorporating higher volume and circuit days to change it up from the normal 4 sets of 8-12 reps.
First day in the gym in Negril I decided to work delts. I found this circuit from one of my new favorite bloggers Check her out!

So instead of doing the circuit for 15 minutes (I personally am not a fan of timed things or racing to get a workout done), I did 3 sets of this circuit and I didn’t keep it light. 10 reps isn’t a lot, so I made sure to get the best pump I could. This was a killer!! Another thing I didn’t quite follow was the combination of moves. She has astrics next to some of the exercises she combines like a bicep curl into a strict press. Which is great, but I like stand a lone exercises.
Until next time 🙂

All The Energy!!!



So yesterday I posted about the food I’ve been eating. All that food has been doing amazing things for my workouts.
The closer I was getting to my show the more I hated working out. It bothered me because I was doing the show to show off all the awesome muscle I built up doing what I enjoy. Well it really sucked not enjoying lifting anymore. Now that the show is over, I am back! I went back to the gym on Monday and had the best leg day I’d had in what felt like a very long time. I didn’t want to leave the gym! I have also made sure to continue cardio for at least a half hour after my lifts. So Monday was legs and sprint intervals (1:30 min walking at about 3.7mph thrn 1:30 run/sprinting from 6mph-7mph built up each interval and I did this at a 3 incline), Tuesday was chest and triceps then more sprint intervals and Wednesday I did this awesome leg/core hiit circuit I found via Google Images (you can find some awesome stuff there).

This routine took me an hour and i was a sweaty mess at the end and sore the next day. Who knew non weighted exercises would make you sore!

I took Thursday off and am going back Friday for back and biceps. Should be awesome! Then next up in vacay!



So its now Wednesday.  I have gone 3 days of living a normal human existence of not being on a set food schedule.  My game plan for this week has been to indulge and attempt to indulge smartly.  This is not always the case but the farther I find myself from the show the wiser I feel I am becoming.  
The first night was insane… dessert overload.  I totally forgot to eat slow.  That seems to be key to indulging when your stomach is the size of an apple and you’re attempting to fit a watermelon in it. Hahaha!

So after that hoorah and laying in bed feeling like an alien was going to burst out of my stomach… I thought I would remember to eat slow. That wasn’t always the case and that alien feeling has happened a few times. Ive read few articles about water retention and bloating post competition and it’s normal, it’s avoidable if you follow a strict reverse diet, but that’s not easy to do mentally. For most meals, I’ve been consciously eating because I know my body is not all 100% back on board to normal food land, but I’m getting there. Everyday has included indulgences here and there, but I’ve also continued to eat some of the meals I had during prep, just added some of my own touches.

My chicken salad with avocado now includes a little bit of feta cheese and 2 hard boiled eggs. I’m still using White Wine vinegar because it’s still delicious.

I’m continuing with my ground turkey, but making a taco with 2 flour tortillas and just a sprinkle of cheddar cheese.

Breakfast has remained constant. Instead of all egg whites I’m having 3 egg whites and 2 eggs scrambled. Oatmeal has remained the same, but today I added raspberries and a sugar free chocolate sauce.

I’m going to continue to update how I am doing during this time with food, but will be going on vacation. So look out for my blog on vacation!

The Curtain Has Closed



The show is complete, contest prep has come to a close and now time to move onto the next chapter of my life.  A nice healthy, strong and balanced life.  But first, a recap of this weekends events and emotions.  I posted about my last show and re read it and was super happy I did it because you forget things.

The Thursday before the show was probably the most drained I’d felt all prep and that was after having a higher carb day and being on a high carb day.  The anxiety of show weekend was starting to set in.   I wound up leaving work early because of a mix of excitement and exhaustion.  The hours up to Saturday were seriously moving so slow.   Sleep sucked.  I’d fall asleep around 10 and wake up around 1am hungry, but couldn’t eat anything.  So I wound up waiting until 5:30am to wake Rob to take pics to send to my coach to decide my meals for the day.  I started Friday out as a low carb day.  Today was a lot of laying around doing nothing, posing a bit when I felt I had the energy.  We left for the hotel around 11:15.  Everything was running smoothly.  Checked into the hotel early, put black sheets on, sent pics to coach and left for the tortous spray tan.  It was exactly how I remember.  Very very very cold and uncomfortable. At least this time I was with my husband. It made it less awkward than being with strangers and it did feel like it didn’t take as long. I also didn’t need a million coats this year because of fake baking more than last time.

After tanning, the night was pretty boring. We checked in for the show. Rob got a burger, I got cod and dry oatmeal.. we have to cut water the night of the show until pre judging the next day so we can’t add water to anything. Its no fun because we’re also adding salt to everything, but it’s all done to make us look drier on stage. I was at the driest I’ll ever be in my whole life and my back side still held some water. Oh well. Perks of being a female with a large rear end. Anywho.
Fast forwarding to the morning of the show. Again, nothing too exciting. Got to eat dry oatmeal again with some protein (egg whites or cod), got my make up done (lovedddd my make up) and then left for the school.
I had my first and only panic attack right before going on stage again (this happened last time because they were unorganized and running behind) because the double sided tape wouldn’t stick to my suit. Eventually I said screw it, I’m going on stage with a wedgie. I was hoping the morning meeting wouldn’t have run as long as it did because I didn’t get to pump up at all. I did all this training to show off the muscle I’ve built not my suit (unfortunately you need the whole package, but I’ll get into that in another post) and neither my suit not my muscles looked 100%.
Finally on stage and it is everything I remember. Bright lights, judge calling out poses. But then something new.. “Will numbers 3 & 4 switch places” I was 3…I moved to the end of the line 😦 but then after we go around doing our mandatory poses, “Will numbers 3 & 4 switch back” What? So now I’m next to the obvious 1st place lady. “Front double bicep again”…. Then we exited. My coach came barrelling down the hall outside backstage… “You will get 2nd!” is what he said. He went through all the things he saw good/bad etc… all I could think of was food lol. A burger was calling my name. So now I have in my head I was going to get 2nd… until I looked at pics my family showed me… I thought there was no way I was getting 2nd place. Sure enough, I was right. I got 3rd. I found out later at the night show (where my suit was still riding up my butt, but I felt super confident during my routine). It blew in my mind, I was disappointed, but not surprised.

The fact that I didn’t care that I got 3rd place for the second time in 6 months made me realize that I don’t care for competing. I don’t like the unknowns.. when do I eat.. what’s my diet going to look like in 3 weeks, before the show… who will I be competing against..will there be competition…will this be their first show…will they look better than me.
I’ve decided for now that I don’t enjoy the day of the competition. I want to work my butt off and get lean from time to time, but not that lean. I want to like how i look. I want to feel good and strong. So that is my experience. Hope you enjoyed. Going forward my posts will be more about trying to live healthy and balanced.