Mindful Moderation


On the train coming to work this morning, I read emails I received from JillFit that I had signed up for and just haven’t gotten around to focusing on them.   They were about how to be mindful of the food I’m eating, how to moderate the food I’m eating, how to not eat over abundantly and how to find my daily nutritional commitments.  Jill calls it MMAD (mindfullness, moderation, abundance and daily nutritional commitments).   So I thought about all of these this morning and realized during this Get Fit Challenge I have been doing all of these.  


– I have been mindful of the food I’m choosing to eat.  I am following a plan, but if I feel miserable eating something, I eat it faster and in turn am hungry faster.   

– I have been moderating the “unhealthy” food I have been eating.  Rather than cutting everything out 100% and only “cheating” when I have a timed cheat meal, I have been throwing little cheat meals here and there.  This also meshes with abundance.  If I don’t allow myself to have a cheat here and there I will overindulge when I finally allow myself to eat.   I don’t want that to happen.  I don’t want to “live for a cheat meal”.  I want to be happy and content.  I realized that I am because just today someone put out a Lenny and Larry cookie.  I only need a few bites and was content.  I knew I didn’t need more.  

– Lastly, daily nutritional commitments have been something I have been doing now since my first show a year and a half ago.  Jill recommends having 3 commitments.  As of right now, I know getting 20g minimum of protein into every meal has been one.  (Which sometimes makes me sad because I realize grilled cheese doesn’t have a lot of protein 😦 ).  Another that I have beem trying to commit to is knowing how many calories are in what I’m eating.  But only if they’re available.  That way if I see an entree at a restaurant that is 80o calories, I know that I only need to eat half.  I won’t stray away if it’s something I enjoy, but I know my limits.   And thirdly, taking my vitamins every morning.  It’s  a good way to start my day.  

I know this was a long one but I enjoy reading the information Jill puts out there and reflecting on it.  I am not a sponsor by any means, but if you’re looking for some inspirational blogging, check out JillFit Physiques


All the Feels


I have been going in “diet” mode for a little over 5o days now.  If I was not doing the Get Fit Challenge at Xsport, I would stop here.  I love how I look, I love how I feel, I love how my lifts feels and I’m surprisingly enjoying my meals.   The last one is huge.  BUT the one thing I’m doing differently this time around is actually letting myself moderately induldge when the time is right.   What does that mean, when the time is right?!  That means if I’m going to a  wedding I will eat the good the lovely bride and groom have provided to me, I will have a little piece of cake and a glass of wine or 2.  If that said bride comes home from her honeymoon in Italy and brings me a piece of fancy chocolate, I will eat the chocolate because it’s delicious.   If my friends plan a girls night to a fancy fondue restaurant I will go and eat the high protein fondue meal! (So much seafood! So excited!)  This to me is moderation.  I’m keeping my cool around food.  I’M NOT FEELING DEPRIVED!  Which is seriously the best feeling ever!  Have a good day!!!  Live Moderately!

Taking Breaks


Yesterday I realized that my body was telling me something.  After a weekend full of squat PRs, heavy deadlifts, HIIT workouts, I was exhausted.  Now that I am not prepping for a show, but just trying to lose weight, I can manipulate this program any way I want.  This means I get to actually listen to my body. I knew if I didn’t take off working out yesterday, the trend would continue throughout the week to complete exhaustion.  I didn’t want that, but I knew taking one day off also wouldn’t hinder my progress. 

A lot of people forget to listen to what their bodies need.  We get so wrapped up in trying to acheive our goals ASAP that we forget that we need to live after that goal is reached.  I’m learning a lot more about myself during this program than I did in the 2 preps I did previously.  I was still learning then, but feel more confident now in knowing what my body and mind need.  🤗😪💪

1 month #GetFitChallenge2017


I started the Get Fit Challenge at Xsport so I can get into better shape for an upcoming trip to Jamaica.  The Challenge consists of losing weight on the scale.. but my bodies like “Hey… lets lose inches… drop a pants size… but not move on the scale.”  I’m totally cool with that… but the whole point of the competition is the to lose weight on the scale.  It’s pretty unfair when you think about it..  if only they could have a competition that is based on how many sizes you lose lol!!   Oh well nothing can be perfect.  

I’m trying not to stress about it.  I’m following the same process as I did for my shows last year and I’m trusting the process.  I was never one to lose 2lbs a week.  My body likes to work up to a big loss all at once lol!  I will plateau for about 3 weeks and then alll of a sudden be down 5 lbs.   It’s fine.  It will all be fine.  I will check in next month:-)