Exercise is Good



What Next?


Lately I keep trying to figure out what I want to do with my life besides what I’m doing right now.  Do I continue down a do path or just stay where I’m at right now?  I’m 28 so is this a pseudo millenial feeling of wishing and hoping that I deserve more? Maybe?  I’m willing to work for it but I dont know what IT is.   A new career path? Continuing with my current career and fitness or move just to fitness?  Go back to music? (I was a clarinet major in college…. totally random lol)  I dont know.  When you’re finding the need to try and do something new, where do you find your inspiration?

Vacations- Now vs Then


This is not a fitness blog but I was thinking the other day about this topic.   My husband and I love traveling to Jamaica.  We love the beaches, the people, the food, the weather… I can go on and on.   I’ve been traveling since I was born because of family in California.  I rememeber getting to the airport as a little kid, not knowing what to expect, but knew I was going somewhere new.   Now, I sometimes wish I had the luxury of that feeling, the unknown.  

You may be wondering what do I mean by the unknown?  If I’ve never been, then of course it’s unknown.  But, thanks to Youtube, my husband and I have a habit of searching out videos from other people’s vacations before we go.   So that tends to take away some of the mystery of a new place.   

Next question you may be asking is why do we do it if we want mystery? Well it started because we were tired of reading trip advisor reviews and just seeing pictures.  Videos tell all.  So many people have Go Pros now and film almost their whole trip, from the lobby to the rooms to the pools and the restaurants and beaches.  You get a better idea of how the hotel really is by video.  Which helps us sway our opinion of what hotels to stay at, but also steals the mystery of what it might be like.

Well that’s all on that topic.  We still love every resort we’ve been to since watching the Youtube videos but I thought about what we did before the Vloggers became so abundant.  



Oye oye oye oye

SUNDAY was one of those days you look back on and wonder what was going on in your brain and then realize it had to be hormones.  I had a super intense leg day on Saturday and then a super intense chest day on Sunday morning.  Throughout my whole chest workout I felt awesome.  I felt awesome when I got home, I was down 2 lbs and it felt good.  Until… I let progress pictures change my mood for the worst, a complete 180, I felt miserable.  I looked at those pictures and felt like I hadn’t been doing anything the last month and a half.  It was seriously horrible.  Granted the pictures I’ve been taking were in shorts and a sports bra and these were in my posing bathing suit from my show days, but in my head and in the mirror I swear I looked better than these pictures.  Oye oye oye

So what I got out of this complete 180 mood change after I had time to think about it was that I have to focus on where I started from and what I want my end goal to be.  This challenge is not solely about weight loss for me, it’s about living in moderation.  Knowing my food limits, teaching myself to listen to me instead of forcing myself to do something I hate.  I would say that I have accompished that.  I am down a little over 20 lbs from my starting weight and I’ve been doing it all by following a set diet 90% of the time, by doing the cardio that I enjoy, and by not letting my mind get the best of me.   I am doing what I want to do.  It’s working.  I will leave it at that.