Update your Mind 101- Fitness


As I discussed yesterday, you can’t completely change your mindset all at once!  Acheiving healthy habits and keeping them requires consistency.  So in order to trick your brain into thinking a healthy habit is a struggle, take baby steps.

When it comes to fitness, working out can be a hassle for some and torture for others.  There have been times when going to the gym just seems like such a chore- work is stressful, I have social events planned, etc.  The gym always feels like it should be last priority when I’m in that mindset.  But THEN I think about how amazing I’ll feel after I go.   Those endorphins start flowing and then after you know it, it’s over!  You did it! 

So where do you begin to change your mindset to make working out a priority?

  • Start by forcusing on how much walking you’re doing.   We have to walk at the store, walk to the bathroom, we walk everywhere.  Now try to up the amount you walk, go on a leisurely stroll around your neighborhood or walk around a park.
  • Bored of walking?  Try something new!  Go to a gym, do a class, lift weights, do the bike.  Do something you enjoy doing.    That is the most important part of this.  Do what you love!
  • As I’ve stated in previous blogs, make time for working out.  You don’t even have to call it working out.  Make time for you.  Do something that gets you moving and makes you happy!

Good luck and keep moving!  I will not be blogging everyday for a week or so, but look for my next once in a couple of days!


When you Hate Lunges- Go Around the World!


I haven’t  done these in awhile and I can’t even remember where I first saw them, but they’re an amazing leg burner you can do anywhere!  

Start by doing a front lunge

Come back to start and do a side lunge

Come back to start and do a backwards lunge

I also incorporated this into a leg/ab circuit:

4 rounds

  • 15 body squats
  • 30 sec plank
  • 20 ea leg curtsey lunges
  • 20 reverse crunches
  • 7 ea leg Around the World
  • 15 ea side Russian twists
  • 15 Sumo Pop Squat (Jump from sumo squat to regular squat)


What’s in your Red Solo Cup??


So I thought this topic would be perfect for today!  Tomorrow I have a work event which includes an open bar and then going on vacation to an all-inclusive resort!  All I’m seeing is 🍻🍸🍹🍷🥂🍾🥃

Below is my thought process when I’m in a situation alcohol is involved in because not all alcohol is equal.  The overall breakdown is obviously beer, wine, spirits and mixed drinks.

🍺Let’s talk beer.  I love me a good IPA! But they’re so high in calories!!  A 12 oz IPA ~ 180 calories and 20g carbs (about 3 oz of sweet potatoes has 20g carbs, but only 84 calories)!  So if I know it’s going to be a beer night, I may have half an IPA or one depending on the length of the event and then switch to a lighter beer like Miller Light which is half the calories of an IPA at 96 calories and only about 4g of carbs (5 times less than an IPA!).  

🍷If I’m in a wine mood, personally I prefer red wines- pinot noirs, red blends, cabs etc.  The higher the alcohol in wine the more calories they tend to be.  These wines would range anywhere from 135 to 195 calories for 6 oz glass depending on the wine.   Dry white wines can go from 107 calories to 173 calories per 6 oz glass.  I’m personally not a huge fan of sweet wines but as you can imagine they can be pretty hefty in calories, some breaking into the 200+ calorie range for 6 oz.   Here’s a cool articles on Shape.com, Best Wines For Your Waistline.  Lately what I’ve been doing on wine nights is something I’ve learned from my mom and it keeps you in check with the amount of wine you’re drinking.  Ask the bartender (or pour yourself) a wine glass filled with ice, half white wine, half soda water and a lime.  This is a delicious wine spritzer that kept me feeling hydrated and satisfied during a wedding I attended.

🥃In a whiskey mood?  I can be a bourbon whiskey girl sometimes.  A nice glass of Maker’s Mark on the rocks is just what the end of the day needs sometimes.  That will only cost me about 69 calories and 0 carbs. Vodka, gin, tequila and rum all fall into this category all varying in calories from 60 to 100 when poured on the rocks or neat.

🍹Mixed drinks can be the most caloricly scary drinks.   Although most mixed drinks contain the lower calorie, 0 carb spirits the mixers can be the horrible culprits.  Most mixers are sugar based which means insanely high calorie and carb counts. They can add an additional 130+ calories and 30+ carbs to any beverage!  Smart alternatives to coke and syrups would be soda water and whole fruits (limes, strawberries, lemons).

So now you have an idea of the low calorie drink you would like to consume, this should be noted:  alcohol itself can be considered a macro nutrient which is 1g alcohol equals 7 calories (other macronutrients- protein= 1g is 4 calories; carbs= 1g is 4 calories; fat= 1g is 9 calories) once you drink the alcohol, your body is going to stop metabolizing (burning) the other macronutrients and start burning the alcohol until its gone. This hinders fat loss (click here for more info).  So alcohol in moderation is still something you need to think about if you’re on a fat loss journey.

Also, I would like to note throwing water in between each alcoholic bevera is a great way to stay hydrated.  You’ll still keep your buzz but feel so much better tomorrow because you’ll have been hydrating throughout the night (day?).  Food is also important.  Drinking on an empty stomach is a horrible idea.  I don’t think I even need to explain this but having something that the alcohol can absorb into besides your stomach lining is very good idea.

Be safe, be smart and have fun!



Weight training has become my passion.  I love being in the gym and look forward to doing the routine set for the day.  I know not everyone shares this passion but my goal is to help people see what I see when they get in the weight room.   

It can sometimes be intimidating being the only girl in the weight room, especially if you’re still learning, but don’t let that scare you.  To this day I get nervous trying new exercises, but I do them with confidence and hope I’m doing it right.  The mirror helps but if something feels uncomfortable, I stop and move on.  I also still learn from videos.  To this day, I still have to watch how to do an Arnold Press accurately before I do them.

So, now that you’ve found confidence, how do you start weight training?  As I’ve suggested previously Bodybuilding.com has some great programs, but here’s a suggestion to start.  All of these exercises are on Bodybuilding.com or feel free to message me and ask what they are.  If you’re not training right now, start slow with only 1-3 days a week.  Start with the weight training days and as those days start to feel easier, throw in a day of cardio.  As mentioned in Going Back to the Gym Start Slow, don’t jump in too much too fast.  Hope this helps!  If this is something you enjoy doing, let me know and I can help better you!

  • Day1- Push Day- Chest/triceps/shoulders
    • Warm up with push ups (15 reps 1-2 sets)
    • Superset
      • 3setsx15reps dumbbell flat bench press
      • 3×15 dumbbell skull crushers
    • Superset
      • 3×15 dumbell incline flies
      • 3xfailure close arm push ups (tricept focus)
    • Superset
      • 3×15 seated dumbbell presses
      • 3×15 dumbbell side lateral raises
  • Day 2- Cardio
    • Sprint/walk intervals (30 min)
  • Day 3- Rest
  • Day 4- Pull Day- Back/Biceps
    • Warm up with the cable row machine- light weight for 1-2 sets of 15
    • Superset
      • 3×15 Lat Pulldowns
      • 3×15 EZ bar (if available, if not straight bar) curls
    • Superset
      • 3×15 Barbell Rows
      • 3×15 dumbbell hammer curls
    • Supeset
      • 3×15 seated cable or machine rows
      • 3×15 dumbbell concentration curls
  • Day 5- Leg Day
    • Warm up with 15-20 bodyweight squats
    • 3×15 walking lunges with dumbbells
    • 3×15 goblet squats
    • Superset
      • 3×15 leg extension
      • 3×15 leg curls
    • End with incline walking on the treadmill for 15-20 min.  Try not to hold on to the handles.
  • Day 6- Rest
  • Day 7- Cardio
    • Stairs aim for 30 min but do what you can to start. Walk on incline for whatever time you can’t get on the stairs


Everything’s Gonna Be Alright- Reaching your Goals Together


This morning, my husband and I were talking about what we used to eat for breakfast before our healthy lifestyle change.  We both had to think hard as it was about 2-3 years ago and breakfast isn’t something that you remember.  This made me think about how we started our healthier lifestyle and how it might help other people who are trying to start a healthier lifestyle, but might think they’re being held back.  I had no idea back in 2014 the journey we would be on when my husband, Rob, started his bodybuilding prep.

As a couple, we liked spending times with friends socially drinking on the weekends and some week nights depending on what celebration was going on (ie Thirsty Thursday LOL).  We went out to dinner regularly, ordered pizza and just ate whatever we wanted.  We were in the “gain weight” phase of our relationship.  Both of us hit the most we’ve ever weighed and were getting married at the end of the year.  Rob decided, after we were watching Pumping Iron and drinking very large margaritas, that if those guys could get on stage and compete in a bodybuilding competition, then he could too.  Jump forward to July 2014, Rob started working with a prep coach so he could do a show May 2015, as we were getting married September 2014.  Yes, he had about a 10 month prep. So two months before our wedding, Rob decided to do a complete lifestyle change for himself.  Ladies, you can only imagine how I felt, to top it off we had a wedding to go to out of town end of July and a local wedding in August, and then ours in September.  I was not a happy camper as now Rob needed to eat 6-7 times a day, protein/carbs/veggies/healthy fats, on a set schedule that did not revolve around weddings.  I know how I felt, but I asked Rob what kept him motivated to do this lifestyle knowing I was freaking out and that he had so many things planned already.  His response 

“I had a goal that I wanted to achieve and there will never be a good time to start.  There will always be this holiday or that party or those weddings.  You just have to jump in and do it if you’re determined.”  

So that’s what he did.  Although, it wasn’t easy.  We had numerous fights about him bringing food to inappropriate places, having to explain to people that we can’t go somewhere because Rob’s dieting for a show or we need to leave a party early because Rob has leg day.  The bodybuilding lifestyle IS NOT EASY for either of us, as I was stubborn and didn’t want to change and Rob was going through a whole lifestyle change with someone pushing him down.  So how did we make it through this and get were we are today.

We are where we’re at today because of something Rob said and this is really really childish and funny looking back… His words to me, “I’m the bodybuilder in the house.”  He said this when I wanted to heat up some of my food in the microwave first.  He thought because he was on a set schedule of when to eat and he was the bodybuilder, that he could heat his food up first.  Yes, super childish and really funny (ok, so he said it more than just once)… but that one sentence motivated me to jump on the bandwagon and prep for a show to prove he wasn’t the only bodybuilder in the house.

How does this long story relate to you?  If you live with someone who doesn’t share your passion for living a healthier lifestyle and you feel they are holding you back, don’t let them.  Not in a negative way, but stay focused on your goal.  Like Rob, the more he focused on his goal and didn’t let anything get in his way, the more I realized how important it was to him and let him live out his dream.  Did I have to accommodate to some annoying things?  Yes, but in a relationship, you’re there to help support your other half.  It wasn’t the end of the world that my husband was trying to make himself healthier.  It does take some sacrificing, but it’s sacrificing  the less healthylifestyle that will help us live better and longer lives together (where we both look awesome too…. (-; ).

I hope this helps.  Just remember that you have a goal, focus on it and stick with it, your other half will see that dedication and maybe tag along. 

Quick at HOME Workout


Yesterday I was not feeling like going to the gym.  I knew it was just circuit day with light to no weight so I decided to do it in my living room.  And I am sore today!!  Wasn’t expecting that! I thought for sure I’d need a leg day today with weights.  This is what I did. 

4 sets circuit style

  • 15 Body weight squats
  • 20 curtsey lunges (each leg)
  • 10 lunge into dumbbell row (each leg)
  • 15 side lunges (each leg)
  • 15 jump sumo squat to jump narrow squat (almost like a jumping jack)

    I was toast after this!  Also I have throw out my new outfit I got at Old Navy (in the sale rack 😃)

    Update your Mind 101-FOOD!! 


    When you sit down to eat a meal, what initially goes through your head?  Even before you sit down to eat, what makes you pick the food you did? 
    A lot of people (including myself) would rather pay to have someone tell them what to eat and how much to eat than figuring it out on their own, I know I did and it helped me a ton.  I don’t think I could’ve lost the weight I did without initially being  as strict with myself as I did.  Doing the shows taught me food discipline.  It taught me what foods worked for me to lose weight and what foods did the opposite.  So where  should you start?  

    How determined are you to lose weight and stay healthy?  Be honest with yourself.   It’s okay to not be 100% in it (unless you want to do a bodybuilding show).  If you just want to try to be 40% healthier thats okay too!  You’ll see once you start and stay consistent with that 40%, it’ll become second nature and then maybe you’ll try to become another 20% healthier, and get used to that and then incorpate another 20% and then another and now you’ve completely changed your way of thinking.  This sounds easy, right?  It can be if you take baby steps.  If you jump all in and do a complete change, unfortunately, it won’t last and you’ll go back to what you’re comfortable with.   Taking baby steps ensures you’re not rushing yourself through a change that won’t become habit.  Creating small healthy habits is key to an overall lifestyle change.  Some examples of small changes you can make right now:

    • Eat some kind of fruit or veggie at every meal.  And eat it first.  
    • Find a veggie you love and make it a go to veggie and have it readily available at all times (ie pre cut green peppers, cucumbers)
    • Have protein with every meal (this will help you stay fuller longer).  Carb and fat only meals will not fill you up for very long.  Skip the bagel and cream cheese in the morning and get a breakfast sandwich with eggs (and bacon or sausage) on an english muffin instead. 
    • When surrounded by all the food you know you shouldn’t be eating, depriving yourself will make it worst.  Have one or two bites and really taste the flavors.  You’ll enjoy it so much more than mindlessly binging on it later because you deprived yourself.
    • Focus on making at least one meal a day a nutritional one, including healthy protein, carbs, fats and veggies. 

      YOU CAN DO IT!