Routine Hopping


I have been learning that I have a  habit of starting a workout routine and not really completing it.  I am not a fan of repetition so to do the same workout for 3 weeks in a row drives me nuts, but you look at most programs and that’s what they usually require.  I get why they are laid out that way, but I mentally get bored.  I’ve tried to do it, but usually by the 2nd section of the routine I move on after the 4th or 5th week of it.  I started Fast Physique and honestly loved every minute of it, but got injured midway through becasue I was doing it while I was also trying to lose body weight, which is not what the program was meant to do.  So I am giving myself two options right now.

  1. Start Fast Physique over again
  2. RunEveryThingLabs just released a really cool power lifting program

I will make a decision after we get back from our quick weekend trip 2 weeks from now.  So by July 17th, I will be starting a new (or old) program.

I am feeling under the weather today which is why I do not have a video to post, but you can feel free to check out the potential power lifting program I might try: Power-Trainer



Back day has become a new favorite!  It used to be shoulders (still up there in the favorite body party to train list), but I have set a new goal for myself.  I want to make my back thicker!  Previously I was working on width and really focusing on giving myself that wing effect, but lately I’ve been super envious of that thicker back look.  So I have been focusing more on rowing at all different angles.

There are so many variations to a row: upright rows, low rows, barbell rows, seated rows, dumbbell rows, all the Hammer Strength Row machines (my gym alone has 3 different Hammer Strength machines for rowing).   All of those rows help to work the muscles in your back and make them thicker.  So please enjoy my back workout below with lots of rowing and some extras!



Knowing When to HIT the Brakes!


Yesterday I mentioned getting up was rough, but it was Monday!  CANNOT SKIP MONDAY.  Today, though, is Tuesday.  My game plan was to get up and have an awesome back day.  My alarm went off at 4am and I thought to myself “Should I go?”  I was feeling tired and sore.  I have a lot going on this week and I need to have energy for that.  So I listened to my body and went back to sleep.  I’m glad I did.  

My body was right.  I’ve trained 4 days in a row and needed a break.  I know that rest days work for me.  They are just as important as training days.  My muscles recover so I can go back into the gym to go hard all over again.  How do you know the difference between your body actually needing a rest day or your mind just being lazy? 

This is a hard question that even people who have been lifting for awhile try to figure out.  A lot of people who are crazy dedicated may ignore the signs that they need a rest day and overtrain.  I know during competition prep I definitely pushed myself harder than my body liked me to…but I didn’t die.  When you’re training for something that is on a schedule, you may need to push yourself out of your comfort zone.  BUT today I am not training for anything, except life.   I can take rest days when I know I need them and so can you.  Listen to your body. 

If you’re new to working out, I refer you to one of my earlier blogs, you don’t want to over exhaust yourself to the point where you get sick or just give up.   If working out is new, do it one day and then take a break the next day.  See how your body feels, it is going to hurt because you’ve activated muscles that have never been worked before.  Don’t give up!  After your rest day, get back at it and work another part of your body.   Then take a day.  Once you’re more comfortable with working out, then try going 2 days in a row!  But don’t rush it. 

Tomorrow I will have a back day video!!!


Win That Battle in your Mind! Leg Day!


4575761b4fefead9d796d9d1a1896c4eToday’s workout tested my mental strength to continue when I was feeling exhausted.  I was ready to throw in the towel so many times today (including getting out of bed), but just kept pushing myself because I knew I was just being mentally lazy.  We all get there sometimes.  That feeling of knowing we can, but just don’t want to try.  Well when I feel like that I know I just think about why I’m at the gym in the first place.  I was at that gym today because I want to get stronger and leaner.  I can’t get stronger and leaner sitting at home sleeping or giving up when I just don’t feel like it!  This is why I love rest based training.  It helps build that motivational strength and power!  I know I’m resting as long as I need to push harder for the next set.  Mentally, when I have a timed rest, I don’t work as hard on the next set because I tell myself that I didn’t recover long enough.  Everyone is different.  Rest based training may not work for everyone because they take too long in between sets and they need to have that timed recovery.  That’s fine as well!  You need to find what works for you!  Enjoy this video!f9fbb03bfc370779ff40067095259286

Leg Day!!

Arm Day Vlog


Today I had a camera man!  Lol my husband, Rob, came to work out with me today.  We both trained arms but I’m a fan of super sets and he’s not so he did his own thing.  So in between sets he’d record.  I’m hoping to put out videos as often as possible. I’ll still be blogging about other topics outside of working out but I have a fun new toy so I’m gonna use it!


My First Vlog- Shoulder Day & YouTube Channel


My popular demand, I have started a YouTube channel!!!  Click on the link to watch!  Two things I will warn you though

  1. Ignore my outfit, I had it set aside for a cardio day that I did not do… I am human.. I didn’t want to wake up yesterday so this is my punishment lol
  2. I just got my Go pro yesterday and have woohooo much to learn, so the angles will be a little win my
  3. ENJOY

First Vlog- Shoulder Day