You have stumbled across a blog that depicts my adventures working in the “cube-life”, as I like to call my lovely 9-5 job in downtown Chicago and how I fit bodybuilding contest prep, fitness, healthier eating, vacationing, social life and family into my life.  If you can relate to the “cube-life” and want to live a more balanced life, then this blog is for you.

The title MuscleGirlFusion struck me while using a thesaurus to come up with fun and catchy words that represent blend and balance, I saw fusion and knew I had to incorporate it.  And MuscleGirlFusion was born. You will get recipes, workouts, rants, and random thoughts throughout this blog.

I am an office professional

  • with a love for being punctual
  • who needs to do things correctly the first time
  • with a thirst to learn everything and anything I’m passionate about today
  • who can be very impatient at times

My passions are weightlifting, eating, social drinking, social media and tropical vacations with my husband.



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