Caps on Caps on Caps- Shoulder Day!


Favorite day of the week!!!  Boulder Shoulder day!  Today’s workout was amazzzzzing.  I loved every single exercise and felt like I got an amazing pump!

  • 10 min HIIT- Elliptical (actually felt a bicep pump from this)
  • Barbell Overhead Push Presses
    • 1×12 (75); 1×9 (85); 1×6 (95); 1×3 (105); 1×12 (75)
  • Triset Circuit (not in the video)
    • 4×10 Dumbbell Arnold Press – 20lb DBs
    • 4×10 Plate Raises- 45lbs
    • 4×10 Dumbbell reardelt raises- 20lb DBs
  • 5 min Burnout:
    • 4 drop sets of Side Lateral Raises- 20lb DBs & 10lb DBs

Love Love Loved this!  Felt awesome and I feel like I finally I have the look I’ve been wanting!  Enjoy!


Where Has the Nutrition Gone?


Nutrition has not been my prime focus the last few months.  I’ve been enjoying myself and eating in what I feel is a pretty balanced way, but vacation is coming up.  I need to get a little more focused.  As of right now, I’ve up’d my protein and veggies a bit during the week.  I have been including at least 2 salads around 3 days a week.  I am planning on upping that starting on Sunday.  I have also started upping the water in take as that helps release water, which helps decrease bloat.  I am not planning on following any macro count, but will be incorporating healthy proteins, carbs and fats.

The proteins I am going to be eating are eggs, yogurt, salmon and steak.  I am trying not to eat as much chicken because it bothers my skin.  The carbs I will be eating are oatmeal, brown rice, whole wheat pasta and possibly potatoes.  Right now, in all honesty…I am not feeling potatoes… so carbs will be limited.  Fats will be egg yolk, peanut butter, yogurt, olive oil and seeds.  Some of the proteins and fats are intertwined.

My alcohol intake has not been 100% limited to weekends like I had anticipated, but my weekday drinks have only consisted of one drink approximately 1 or 2 days during the week.  I am going to tighten that up as well.

I like having a goal, but I do not want to have a goal weight.  I want to have a goal look which would primarily consist of losing a few inches all over.  A bit more cardio can help with that!  One more week of FastPhysique for only 5 days a week and then I will be incorporating the 6th day.   Doing this will up the cardio portion of the program enough so if I stick to my nutrition that I stated above, I’m hoping it will make a significant impact.

I saw this on pinterest and knew I had to post it.  It’s by JillFit who created the FastPhysique program and I believe it to be true.  Too many people, including myself, do really well on the weekdays with our diets, but then give up on the weekends.  I have found that lately during the day I still do a good job sticking to a good diet during the weekends.  At night it gets a little trickier.  This is another goal for myself for the next few weeks, to make sure if I’m out to eat, I pick healthier choices.  Most restaurants have healthy options, it’s just a matter of making the decision to select them.  It takes strength and willpower.  I feel like if I keep my mind right, I can find that strength and willpower to make smarter decisions.




Ugh…just the title of this alone makes me want to runaway… walk away really fast… Running has never been a strong suit of mine. Since I was little I was never able to run for long distances without thinking I might die. It’s still the same…but I know mentally I’m not going to die. I know when to push myself and what I’m capable of. This is the hardest part about sprinting. When sprinting you want to give it your all! My mental issue with this when I was growing up and doing sprints on a soccer team or in gym class was that I was never able to catch my breath in between each sprint…because cmon..sprints are like wine…you can’t just have one.. lol!!! (BALANCE). As an adult, not on a sports team, I can build my endurance at my own pace and believe me, it has come a longggggggg way. I can take as long of a break as I feel I need and try to shorten it the next time. Not every goal is ‘how fast can I run’…. sometimes you need to have other goals like ‘how short of a break can I take so I can do that sprint again’.

Today consisted of six 40 second sprints (7mph-9mph on the treadmill) and 1 min 20 seconds of walking at 2.6mph in between each one.

This felt great!!!! I went around 2 miles in 30 min and at the end I even threw in jogging intervals 1 min at 5.5mph and 1 min walking for about 3 times. I felt Awesome!

Tomorrow is leg day. Doing front squats again and I feel like my form will be spot on! I’m going to stick to the weight I did last week to make sure I’m good.

Get your sprint on!!

Eczema Update


It has now been approximately two months since I’ve started using the Eucrisa ointment and my hands look NORMAL again!!!!! I still can’t believe that the only changes I needed to make were not drinking tap water and this miracle ointment!  I thought for sure I would have to deal with dry gross skin on my hands for the rest of my life.  Now I know that I can control it and can have normal looking hands again!!!!

New Goals


Wednesday starts the 2nd  part of FastPhysique.  Partially through this last time I hurt my shoulder with incorrect form with my front squat.  This time I am going to make sure the form is correct and not go too heavy at the beginning.  I’m excited to get this started!  Besides accurate form, my plan is get 5 days in this time instead of 4 days.  I will be adding in a day of 20 min metabolic conditioning.

So here we go.  Let’s hope this week gets better after today.

Getting That Lift


Today was back day, last back day of the first third of FastPhysique.  I was doing deadlifts today and I could tell that I was slacking a little during the heavier lift and had to actually tell myself to activate my core.  This made me see how people can get hurt so easily.  I stopped thinking about it for a couple seconds and could’ve hurt myself really bad, but I didn’t.  I just had to focus more.

Now that I’m not “dieting” I notice that my focus has been more on social events and less on what I should be eating.  I wish I could find a better happy medium.  I’m trying, but I still catch myself thinking that the cheat meal I’m going to have is going to be rare, but right now my whole life is one big cheat meal.  I keep telling myself I’m going to get back, but I’m having trouble.  I need some kind of motivation.  I want to lose a few inches before my trip in November.  I have 6 weeks to make a change.  I need a plan.  FastPhysique is just one piece of the puzzle, but I need to get the diet piece.  The last time I did FastPhysique and dieted it didn’t end well because I didn’t feel like I was getting enough calories.  This time I’m going to try to keep the calories up, but attempt to keep them the healthier foods.

Now I’m just rambling….. I will keep you updated!

Focus on 24 Hours



When you look at what is what you would like to happen in the next month, it can be overwhelming.  Even thinking about the next week can be exhausting.  So instead, focus on the next 24 hours.  What goals do you want to accomplish today.

My goals today consisted of:

  • Getting FastPhysique in for the day
  • Avoiding my candy bowl at work
  • Eating chicken in at least one meal
  • Eating veggies in at least 2 meals
  • Only have alcohol on the weekends

Did I accomplish these?  Well the day is not over yet!  Will I go after them tomorrow as well?  OF COURSE!  In a couple weeks, I’ll try to change it an add additional goals.

Here’s to small goals for a big change!