Where Has the Nutrition Gone?


Nutrition has not been my prime focus the last few months.  I’ve been enjoying myself and eating in what I feel is a pretty balanced way, but vacation is coming up.  I need to get a little more focused.  As of right now, I’ve up’d my protein and veggies a bit during the week.  I have been including at least 2 salads around 3 days a week.  I am planning on upping that starting on Sunday.  I have also started upping the water in take as that helps release water, which helps decrease bloat.  I am not planning on following any macro count, but will be incorporating healthy proteins, carbs and fats.

The proteins I am going to be eating are eggs, yogurt, salmon and steak.  I am trying not to eat as much chicken because it bothers my skin.  The carbs I will be eating are oatmeal, brown rice, whole wheat pasta and possibly potatoes.  Right now, in all honesty…I am not feeling potatoes… so carbs will be limited.  Fats will be egg yolk, peanut butter, yogurt, olive oil and seeds.  Some of the proteins and fats are intertwined.

My alcohol intake has not been 100% limited to weekends like I had anticipated, but my weekday drinks have only consisted of one drink approximately 1 or 2 days during the week.  I am going to tighten that up as well.

I like having a goal, but I do not want to have a goal weight.  I want to have a goal look which would primarily consist of losing a few inches all over.  A bit more cardio can help with that!  One more week of FastPhysique for only 5 days a week and then I will be incorporating the 6th day.   Doing this will up the cardio portion of the program enough so if I stick to my nutrition that I stated above, I’m hoping it will make a significant impact.

I saw this on pinterest and knew I had to post it.  It’s by JillFit who created the FastPhysique program and I believe it to be true.  Too many people, including myself, do really well on the weekdays with our diets, but then give up on the weekends.  I have found that lately during the day I still do a good job sticking to a good diet during the weekends.  At night it gets a little trickier.  This is another goal for myself for the next few weeks, to make sure if I’m out to eat, I pick healthier choices.  Most restaurants have healthy options, it’s just a matter of making the decision to select them.  It takes strength and willpower.  I feel like if I keep my mind right, I can find that strength and willpower to make smarter decisions.



Breakfast Breakfast Breakfast


So the most common excuse I hear from people for not eating breakfast is “I HAVE NO TIME IN THE MORNING!” and the next common one is “I’M NOT HUNGRY WHEN I WAKE UP”.  Well today is the day the excuses stop!  I have provided a sped up video showing myself making my breakfast I make ever day.

Here I am making:

  • (2) whole eggs
  • (2) egg whites
  • Salt & Pepper to taste
  • 1/2 cup of Old Fashioned Oats
  • 2 oz of blueberries
  • Cinnamon to taste

I was curious as to how long it takes me to make breakfast an it came out to be about 6 minutes!  That’s it!  It took about 5-10 minutes to eat because I wanted to enjoy it.  So that’s a total of 10-15 minutes to eat breakfast.  Try it!  Another option if you’re really set on claiming you don’t have time or you want those extra minutes to sleep, make eggs the night before in a muffin tin.  Pinterest has a ton of recipes for muffin tin eggs.  It’s like a mini omelette, you can put whatever you want in them!

The next excuse is a little harder for me because I have no experience with it as I’ve always been a breakfast person, but what I can say about it is that changing your habits take time.  If you don’t start, you’ll never know.   I would suggest, like trying anything new, to take it slow.  Try waking up earlier one or two days a week to try to make a healthy breakfast.  Then maybe as you continue the one or two days, you’ll want to wake up on other days.


The Simple Meal Enhancer- Avocado Salad Dressing


In my second go at doing a bodybuilding show, my coach had a meal that called for chicken, avocado, and veggies (protein, fats and vegetables). At the time, all I thought to do was eat everything separate and I really don’t like eating avocados plain so this was not appealing. Then I went on Pinterest and typed in Chicken & Avocados. Of course a bunch of recipes came up, but one caught my eye and I’ve been making it my own ever since. Here it is:


1/2 or 1/3 of an avocado
1 TBSP vinegar (white wine, red wine, apple cider- your call)
1 TBSP lime juice
chopped red onions (I just sprinkle them in until I think I have enough)

Combine ingredients and voile! You have a guacamole-esque salad dressing!
Typically I will then mix in either pieces of chicken or medium size cold shrimp and then mix that in with some Power Greens (kale and spinach) for my lunch or dinner. If I want a carb I’ve been including either sweet potatoes or rice cakes.


Chicken Avocado Salad (before ingredients combined)

This is really easy and delicious!

Protein Powders- All Are Not Equal


I’ve been getting a lot of questions regarding what kind of protein should they be using and when is the best time to drink it.  It’s a good question because not all protein powders give the same results or do the same thing.  Some protein powders or protein drinks are actually meant to be meal replacements.  They are higher in carbs and fats.  The protein powders that I recommend are meant to be a lean protein subsitute.  These two things, if not known, could break your diet!   I’ve heard people say they gained weight drinking protein shakes, which could happen if you tried a “meal replacement” protein shake thinking it was a lean protein substitute.   Always ALWAYS ALWAYS look at the nutritional label of the protein.  If you see a lot of carbs and fats and more than 130 calories, don’t buy it.  A lean protein substitute should have almost no carbs and fats.   

Another way all protein powders are not equal is what they’re made with- whey (most common), caesin (similar to whey), soy, rice, hemp, egg whites, beef, peas, etc.  There are so many out there, it makes sense that most people have no idea what to buy.   For more details on each type click here.

Another way they are not equal is what forms whey can be purchased.  The most common form that you can find in most grocery stores is whey concentrate.  This is the cheapest  form to buy protein but it is not as easy to digest as the other form, whey isolate.   Isolate is a higher percentage of protein compared to concentrate and easier to digest.  Click here for more details.

My suggestions for buying your first protein powder as a lean protein substitute is Dymatize ISO 100.  Its reasonably priced and tastes delicious mixed with water.

When I’m asked when they should be drinking it, I always suggest at a time either after your workout with a fruit on the side or during a time you know you normally start craving candy or sugar.  I like the Fudge Brownie flavor if ISO 100.  

Let me know if you have any questions!  Get your WHEY ON!



Post Vacation Blues and Bloat


Now that I’m back from a fantastically relaxing and food-filled vacation, it’s time to kick back into gear with staying healthy and losing the bloat  by making smart steps.  One of the mistakes I make when I get back from vacation is to have the mentality that I’m still on vacation and keep eating like it.  Here are some of the steps I plan on taking in the next week to ease into getting back to normal eating pattern:

  • Lots and lots of water- While in Jamaica, I drank water, but probably not as much as I should have to off set all the drinking and sun tanning I was doing.  
  • I will be doing more HIIT this week and then start more of a strength training routine again next week.
  • I’m going to keep my carbs a little lower this week.  I won’t completely eliminate them, but I will make sure I’m focusing on sticking with the basics- sweet potatoes, red potatoes, oatmeal, brown rice etc.
  • Water dense foods like green peppers, cucumbers, berries etc.  Like drinking all the water, this will help release all the water I’m currently holding
  • No drinking alcohol during the week.  I need to give my liver a break! LOL

    Hopefully by doing these items, I will be back to where I started pre-Jamaica.  Remember- it’s only vacation, it was a week.  I could continue to eat the way I did on vacation and make the weight gain perminent or I can be smart this week to help make this less perminent.

    What’s in your Red Solo Cup??


    So I thought this topic would be perfect for today!  Tomorrow I have a work event which includes an open bar and then going on vacation to an all-inclusive resort!  All I’m seeing is 🍻🍸🍹🍷🥂🍾🥃

    Below is my thought process when I’m in a situation alcohol is involved in because not all alcohol is equal.  The overall breakdown is obviously beer, wine, spirits and mixed drinks.

    🍺Let’s talk beer.  I love me a good IPA! But they’re so high in calories!!  A 12 oz IPA ~ 180 calories and 20g carbs (about 3 oz of sweet potatoes has 20g carbs, but only 84 calories)!  So if I know it’s going to be a beer night, I may have half an IPA or one depending on the length of the event and then switch to a lighter beer like Miller Light which is half the calories of an IPA at 96 calories and only about 4g of carbs (5 times less than an IPA!).  

    🍷If I’m in a wine mood, personally I prefer red wines- pinot noirs, red blends, cabs etc.  The higher the alcohol in wine the more calories they tend to be.  These wines would range anywhere from 135 to 195 calories for 6 oz glass depending on the wine.   Dry white wines can go from 107 calories to 173 calories per 6 oz glass.  I’m personally not a huge fan of sweet wines but as you can imagine they can be pretty hefty in calories, some breaking into the 200+ calorie range for 6 oz.   Here’s a cool articles on Shape.com, Best Wines For Your Waistline.  Lately what I’ve been doing on wine nights is something I’ve learned from my mom and it keeps you in check with the amount of wine you’re drinking.  Ask the bartender (or pour yourself) a wine glass filled with ice, half white wine, half soda water and a lime.  This is a delicious wine spritzer that kept me feeling hydrated and satisfied during a wedding I attended.

    🥃In a whiskey mood?  I can be a bourbon whiskey girl sometimes.  A nice glass of Maker’s Mark on the rocks is just what the end of the day needs sometimes.  That will only cost me about 69 calories and 0 carbs. Vodka, gin, tequila and rum all fall into this category all varying in calories from 60 to 100 when poured on the rocks or neat.

    🍹Mixed drinks can be the most caloricly scary drinks.   Although most mixed drinks contain the lower calorie, 0 carb spirits the mixers can be the horrible culprits.  Most mixers are sugar based which means insanely high calorie and carb counts. They can add an additional 130+ calories and 30+ carbs to any beverage!  Smart alternatives to coke and syrups would be soda water and whole fruits (limes, strawberries, lemons).

    So now you have an idea of the low calorie drink you would like to consume, this should be noted:  alcohol itself can be considered a macro nutrient which is 1g alcohol equals 7 calories (other macronutrients- protein= 1g is 4 calories; carbs= 1g is 4 calories; fat= 1g is 9 calories) once you drink the alcohol, your body is going to stop metabolizing (burning) the other macronutrients and start burning the alcohol until its gone. This hinders fat loss (click here for more info).  So alcohol in moderation is still something you need to think about if you’re on a fat loss journey.

    Also, I would like to note throwing water in between each alcoholic bevera is a great way to stay hydrated.  You’ll still keep your buzz but feel so much better tomorrow because you’ll have been hydrating throughout the night (day?).  Food is also important.  Drinking on an empty stomach is a horrible idea.  I don’t think I even need to explain this but having something that the alcohol can absorb into besides your stomach lining is very good idea.

    Be safe, be smart and have fun!

    Update your Mind 101-FOOD!! 


    When you sit down to eat a meal, what initially goes through your head?  Even before you sit down to eat, what makes you pick the food you did? 
    A lot of people (including myself) would rather pay to have someone tell them what to eat and how much to eat than figuring it out on their own, I know I did and it helped me a ton.  I don’t think I could’ve lost the weight I did without initially being  as strict with myself as I did.  Doing the shows taught me food discipline.  It taught me what foods worked for me to lose weight and what foods did the opposite.  So where  should you start?  

    How determined are you to lose weight and stay healthy?  Be honest with yourself.   It’s okay to not be 100% in it (unless you want to do a bodybuilding show).  If you just want to try to be 40% healthier thats okay too!  You’ll see once you start and stay consistent with that 40%, it’ll become second nature and then maybe you’ll try to become another 20% healthier, and get used to that and then incorpate another 20% and then another and now you’ve completely changed your way of thinking.  This sounds easy, right?  It can be if you take baby steps.  If you jump all in and do a complete change, unfortunately, it won’t last and you’ll go back to what you’re comfortable with.   Taking baby steps ensures you’re not rushing yourself through a change that won’t become habit.  Creating small healthy habits is key to an overall lifestyle change.  Some examples of small changes you can make right now:

    • Eat some kind of fruit or veggie at every meal.  And eat it first.  
    • Find a veggie you love and make it a go to veggie and have it readily available at all times (ie pre cut green peppers, cucumbers)
    • Have protein with every meal (this will help you stay fuller longer).  Carb and fat only meals will not fill you up for very long.  Skip the bagel and cream cheese in the morning and get a breakfast sandwich with eggs (and bacon or sausage) on an english muffin instead. 
    • When surrounded by all the food you know you shouldn’t be eating, depriving yourself will make it worst.  Have one or two bites and really taste the flavors.  You’ll enjoy it so much more than mindlessly binging on it later because you deprived yourself.
    • Focus on making at least one meal a day a nutritional one, including healthy protein, carbs, fats and veggies. 

      YOU CAN DO IT!