I feel like in the fitness world walking gets a bad rap. I think that’s because most people don’t think they can get their heart rates up high enough to make walking worthwhile.

Walking is great for both beginner and advanced. There are so many ways to get your heart rate up walking. Walk up hill, walk up stairs, walk fast, just walk. Get up and go!


You DON’T have a Pinterest Account!?



When I started this page, I started with a bunch of questions people were curious about as to how to make their lives better between fitness, nutrition and motivation.  I feel like I’ve lost my own motivation to create new content, but came up with something today while browsing motivational quotes (like above) on Pinterest.  I included that pin because I need to get more consistent with this blog again and sure enough that worked.

When I’m feeling stumped about what to write about, I look to Pinterest.  It’s the picture version of Google.  When people tell me they don’t have a Pinterest account, I ask if they’ve been sleeping under a rock!   Pinterest can help with just about every aspect of your life!  A few ways that I use Pinterest:

  • To figure out a topic to write about
  • Find exercise programs
  • Figure out hair cut, color and style trends
  • While competing- looking and drooling over desserts
  • Finding recipes for healthy meals
  • Finding new ways to Meal Prep
  • Finding new clothing styles and wardrobe advice
  • Makeup Tutorials
  • DIY projects- if I’m curious… I am not good at DIY stuff
  • etc…

There are so many good uses for Pinterest.  You either click on a subject you want to look into or type something into the search and click on whatever picture you like.  Then click on that picture and it takes you to a link with even more information.

Example for how I find my motivational quotes that match what I want to discuss:

Search bar: “Motivational Quotes for Food”…”Motivational Quotes for Exercise”…”Motivational Quotes for life”

Example for how I find meal prep ideas:

Search bar: “Meal prep ideas for chicken”….”Meal prep ideas”….”Healthy Meal prep ideas..” etc etc.

This is such a great way to start your day and get yourself going!

Plateauing 😥


This past weekend I was asked “What do I do when I don’t feel like my workouts are enough anymore?”

This happens to everyone. We all plateau and recognizing when we’re plateauing is the first step to moving past it!

How does it feel to plateau?

You feel like you’re going through a routine and it doesn’t feel like it used to. Things that used to be hard, seem a little easier and your physical changes have seemed to come to a hault.

What do you do about it?

The obvious short answer would be to do something different. Here are some options that I rely on:

  • If you’re focusing solely on high intensity training or cardio, one option is to try a different form of cardio or my recommendation is to start resistance training.
  • Weight Training (resistance training) is the perfect plateau crusher because now your working a different part of your muscle than you were with cardio.
  • If your currently only doing resistance training switch it up for some cardio or a different style of resistance training
  • There are so many forms of weight training out there! For example, the person who asked this question said she works out at home and feels stuck. I suggested 2 things to her:
  • She should either take her current workout and add more weight to it. When adding more weight it can be tricky to figure out what’s too much and what’s not enough. I suggest seeing what weight you can do 20 reps of and then see what weight you can do 5 reps. Then meet in the middle and that’s the weight you should be able to get 8-12 reps out.
  • Because she may not have the extra weight at home, do a more focused version of each exercise (ie slow down a squat so you can really feel it when you go down and then slow back up). So even just changing the speed of your exercises makes a difference.
  • Rest days- sometimes taking a break for a day or two makes a huge difference. Our muscles need a break and it’s hard to remember that sometimes. I’ve felt the best during a workout right after I take a day or two to recoup.

Have a great day!

Circuit Training Day with SheFit Ultimate Sports Bra!


Around 2 or 3 weeks ago, I went to my sister in law’s (Emma) company for a SheFit bra party.  If you’ve never heard of SheFit, it’s currently a sports bra focused company.  They have two different kind of sport bras, one is the Ultimate and the other is called a Lounge bra.  Going into the presentation, I had no expectations of buying one.  I really had no idea what to expect, I usually see Velcro and think “Hell no” because I assume it just doesn’t last and won’t be sturdy enough.  But I was willing to go to a party and try them on for free.  At the party, the owner of the company was there, Sara, and she explained why she created the bra and how it works.  She had a good reason to create it and it seemed easy enough to put on.  So Emma and I tried on a bra over our shirts that we thought would and wow!

Screenshot_20170623-173727Even though I had a shirt and another bra on, I knew there was something different about this sports bra.  So we went to the bathroom to really try them on because now I’m hooked!  HOLY COW!   This sports bra legit holds everything in place better than anything I’ve ever tried on.  It’s as customize-able as you can make a sports bra!   You buy your size based on the sizing chart and then you can adjust the rib cage band and the straps!!!  So now I’m hooked and I had to buy one.

Less than a week later, I get the bag in the mail and am all excited to try it on to find they sent me the Lounge bra on accident 😦 .  I left it in the bag, called the number on the receipt and they happily excepted their mistake and mailed me the correct sports bra right away and told me I could keep the Lounge bra!  SCORE!  Once I received the correct one in the mail, I didn’t want to try it out until I knew I was going to have a workout where I’d be doing a lot of jumping.  TODAY IS THE DAY!  It was fantastic!


Check out my workout below!  Check out SheFit.com today to get your sports bra!  I will probably be getting another one soon!




This weekend was filled with lots and lots of fun!  From long walks, to concerts, to parades and fireworks.   During all of those events my water intake was no where near where it is during a normal work week.  I either didn’t have my water bottle with me because some fests don’t allow you to bring your own drinks in and I would have to buy about 4 water bottles to feel satisfied and porta potties (all women will understand this).  Also, some of these events I was drinking alcohol at rather than water.

So today at work I was feeling slightly dizzy, fatigued, hungry, and brain fog.  These symptoms link to being minorly dehydrated.  

All day today I made sure to drink a ton of water.  I accomplished this and finished my whole gallon before I left work and refilled my normal water bottle before leaving work! 😎  I am feeling better but will still need a few more days of dehydrating this way to feel a lot better.  So remember to drink your water and eat your vegetables!  Its good for staying hydrated!

Willpower vs Skillpower


I just finished reading a book by Dr. Jade Teta & Dr. Keoni Teta called “Lose Weight Here: The Metabolic Secret to Target Stubborn Fat and Fix Your Problem Areas”.  This book is not what you think it is!  It’s not a step by step guide to which workouts to do to lose weight in your troubled areas or which foods target those problem spots.  The book, in short, discusses how to manipulate your metabolism to do the fat burning for you.  Is it easy? HECK NO!  The basic (and when I say basic I mean super basic) premise is that most diets follow a guideline of Eat less, Exercise more, which is a quick fix and causes more problems and rebounds in the long run.  The best way to train your body and fix your metabolism is to Eat less, Exercise less and Eat more, Exercise More. I thought this made perfect sense!  The book goes into a lot more detail as to how and when to use these ideas to repair your metabolism, but one of the best and more on spot useful items that I learned was the difference between willpower and skillpower.  Willpower can be drained.  Think about when you’re depriving yourself of a certain food item, let’s say donuts, initially you think it’s not too bad until a month goes by and you pass Dunkin Donuts everyday and you’re really trying to hold on to your last straw (I may be talking through experience…).  Then your willpower gives out because you become so mentally, emotionally and physically drained from stopping yourself from eating what you want to eat that you go to Dunkin Donuts, buy 24 munchkins to put at your desk at work and eat a bulk of them but pretend you bought them for everyone else…..  Skillpower on the other hand teaches you a skill set of how you could use your willpower to make the most of it and to not drain your energy.  What stuck out to me the most, were the three skill levels to practice.

  • Level 1 (paraphrasing), for beginners, would consist going to a restaurant with a friend and just eating 1 french fry off their plate, with their permission.  And that’s it, just 1 fry.
  • Level 2 (paraphrasing), for intermediate, once you’ve accomplished the 1 fry, order a dessert for yourself and only have 3 bites.
  • Level 3 (paraphrasing), for advanced, now you’ve got 1 fry down, 3 bites only, now go to a store and buy a bag of cookies.  Only eat the serving size, but keep the rest in your house.  Never go over the serving size.

This book has so much to offer for beginners and advanced people who really want to understand how to change their bodies.  It is only partially true that we were born with the bodies we were given.  Yes, we can’t change our heights, our bone width or our weird abnormalities that make us all individuals.  BUT what you can change is how healthy you want to be, what kind of athletic shape you want to be and what you put in your mouth.


Click Here to Purchase

Leg Day Collage


Trying something new?  Here’s a great set of exercises to do for an effective leg day!


Keep your back tall, do not hunch over.  These can be done with a bar on your back or with dumbbells at your side.

Around the World 

Again these are a new favorite for how many areas get hit doing these!  They work your legs and your core!


These can be done with dumbbells, like I am doing above, or with a bar.  To get more of a hamstring stretch keep your legs straight with a slight bend in your knees.

Have fun!