Workout with Dad!


Thanks to taking off work today, I got a chance to work out with my dad! 

Along with Rob, he’s another person who is super influential in my bodybuilding lifestyle.  He basically started it from when I was still in diapers LOL!  Just kidding, but growing up we did have a full weight set in the basement that both my parents utilized.  My dad did a few bodybuilding shows as a teenager and has always loved bodybuilding.  Even after having shoulder surgery and back issues, he’s never stopped.  So today’s work out was chest and triceps.  I only got video footage of the end of our workout.  Enjoy!

Chest & Triceps

  • Warm-up- Incline Machine Press
    • 2x 15 
  • Flat Bench Brench
    • 4×8-12
  • Machine Flies
    • 4×12
  • Hammer Strength Decline Press
    • 4×12
  • Rope Pushdowns
    • 4×12
  • Assisted Pull Ups and Dips
    • 3×7 Dips (Tori)
    • 3×12 Pullups & Dips (Dad)

Routine Hopping


I have been learning that I have a  habit of starting a workout routine and not really completing it.  I am not a fan of repetition so to do the same workout for 3 weeks in a row drives me nuts, but you look at most programs and that’s what they usually require.  I get why they are laid out that way, but I mentally get bored.  I’ve tried to do it, but usually by the 2nd section of the routine I move on after the 4th or 5th week of it.  I started Fast Physique and honestly loved every minute of it, but got injured midway through becasue I was doing it while I was also trying to lose body weight, which is not what the program was meant to do.  So I am giving myself two options right now.

  1. Start Fast Physique over again
  2. RunEveryThingLabs just released a really cool power lifting program

I will make a decision after we get back from our quick weekend trip 2 weeks from now.  So by July 17th, I will be starting a new (or old) program.

I am feeling under the weather today which is why I do not have a video to post, but you can feel free to check out the potential power lifting program I might try: Power-Trainer

Win That Battle in your Mind! Leg Day!


4575761b4fefead9d796d9d1a1896c4eToday’s workout tested my mental strength to continue when I was feeling exhausted.  I was ready to throw in the towel so many times today (including getting out of bed), but just kept pushing myself because I knew I was just being mentally lazy.  We all get there sometimes.  That feeling of knowing we can, but just don’t want to try.  Well when I feel like that I know I just think about why I’m at the gym in the first place.  I was at that gym today because I want to get stronger and leaner.  I can’t get stronger and leaner sitting at home sleeping or giving up when I just don’t feel like it!  This is why I love rest based training.  It helps build that motivational strength and power!  I know I’m resting as long as I need to push harder for the next set.  Mentally, when I have a timed rest, I don’t work as hard on the next set because I tell myself that I didn’t recover long enough.  Everyone is different.  Rest based training may not work for everyone because they take too long in between sets and they need to have that timed recovery.  That’s fine as well!  You need to find what works for you!  Enjoy this video!f9fbb03bfc370779ff40067095259286

Leg Day!!

Willpower vs Skillpower


I just finished reading a book by Dr. Jade Teta & Dr. Keoni Teta called “Lose Weight Here: The Metabolic Secret to Target Stubborn Fat and Fix Your Problem Areas”.  This book is not what you think it is!  It’s not a step by step guide to which workouts to do to lose weight in your troubled areas or which foods target those problem spots.  The book, in short, discusses how to manipulate your metabolism to do the fat burning for you.  Is it easy? HECK NO!  The basic (and when I say basic I mean super basic) premise is that most diets follow a guideline of Eat less, Exercise more, which is a quick fix and causes more problems and rebounds in the long run.  The best way to train your body and fix your metabolism is to Eat less, Exercise less and Eat more, Exercise More. I thought this made perfect sense!  The book goes into a lot more detail as to how and when to use these ideas to repair your metabolism, but one of the best and more on spot useful items that I learned was the difference between willpower and skillpower.  Willpower can be drained.  Think about when you’re depriving yourself of a certain food item, let’s say donuts, initially you think it’s not too bad until a month goes by and you pass Dunkin Donuts everyday and you’re really trying to hold on to your last straw (I may be talking through experience…).  Then your willpower gives out because you become so mentally, emotionally and physically drained from stopping yourself from eating what you want to eat that you go to Dunkin Donuts, buy 24 munchkins to put at your desk at work and eat a bulk of them but pretend you bought them for everyone else…..  Skillpower on the other hand teaches you a skill set of how you could use your willpower to make the most of it and to not drain your energy.  What stuck out to me the most, were the three skill levels to practice.

  • Level 1 (paraphrasing), for beginners, would consist going to a restaurant with a friend and just eating 1 french fry off their plate, with their permission.  And that’s it, just 1 fry.
  • Level 2 (paraphrasing), for intermediate, once you’ve accomplished the 1 fry, order a dessert for yourself and only have 3 bites.
  • Level 3 (paraphrasing), for advanced, now you’ve got 1 fry down, 3 bites only, now go to a store and buy a bag of cookies.  Only eat the serving size, but keep the rest in your house.  Never go over the serving size.

This book has so much to offer for beginners and advanced people who really want to understand how to change their bodies.  It is only partially true that we were born with the bodies we were given.  Yes, we can’t change our heights, our bone width or our weird abnormalities that make us all individuals.  BUT what you can change is how healthy you want to be, what kind of athletic shape you want to be and what you put in your mouth.


Click Here to Purchase

When You’re A Celebrity…..ADIOS REALITY!


Thank you Brad Paisley for this super fun song!  I feel like a celebrity!  I’ve never had my picture up like this anywhere except maybe in high school…. but that doesn’t count!   I feel awesome knowing that I accomplished this (with the awesome guidance of my trainer Joe Wells).  I am a little embarassed that I did all the work for the bodybuilding shows and then let it all go, but I am human and I have learned from my mistakes.  I have also learned when you deprive yourself for too long, it takes a mental toll.  Doing the bodybuilding shows did help me build my willpower and it also taught me a lot about how to lose weight the right way and the extreme way (not necessarily bad).   I will use this challenge as motivation to continue to live the healthiest life I can.

SHOULDER UPDATE!  I golfed on Thursday 18 holes and I trained chest and triceps today!!!!!  I haven’t trained them in over a month and it felt really good to get back at it!   I did not go heavy, but made sure that I was getting blood to the muscle and that I could handle the weight and motion.  

Workout today:

-12 min HIIT on Stairs (3 min warmup; 40 sec @ 1/40 sec @ 17  rounds)
– Superset: Band Chest Press & Band Flies (20 reps each)
– Hammer Strength Seated Chest Press (10 lbs each side and 3×15)
– Straight bar tricep cable pushdowns (30lbs 3×15)
– Seated Machine Chest Flies (30lbs 3×15)
– Lying DB Skull Crushers (15lbs 3×15)
-Triset: Decline crunch (10lbs)/Decline Oblique twist (10lbs)/20 rev crunches
This workout felt awesome!  My shoulder felt good and I’m excited to get back into training chest and shoulders again.  Just going to take it slow initially and work my way back up.  I am in no hurry!

Failure Is Not Falling Down, But Refusing To Get Back Up


I found out yesterday that I did not win the grand prize for the Get Fit Challenge.  When I found out I was a finalist, I tried to think that this was good enough, that I was a winner and even if I didn’t win the grand prize I would still be happy.  BUT a small part of my brain was also telling me- “You have to win, you’re going to win, You HAVVVVVE to win!”.  Well that part got the best of me in the end because when I found out that I did not win, I was disappointed.  The fact that I won anything didn’t matter anymore, I didn’t win the big prize.  This morning, as I’m typing this, I’m still disappointed, but am trying to look past it.  I won in my life.  I lost 35 lbs without feeling as deprived as I did for the show, I looked awesome in Jamaica, I won my gym and I have an awesome support network of people who belive that I can acheive great things.

So now that I don’t have a specific goal to strive for, I’m going to continue to let my shoulder heal, as it’s still a little wonky when I do any push exercises.  I’m going to continue to build my endurance.  I did an advanced HIIT stairmaster workout on the Aaptiv App that I could only get through half of, so I have a goal to try to accomplish the whole workout.  I am going to continue to live the moderation 365 lifestyle of enjoying fitness and eating healthy, but also enjoying whatever life throws at me.

A big thanks to everyone who was supportive of me doing the challenge.  It helped immensely and I look forward to continuing my blog and getting through to and helping as many people as I can.

Update your Mind 101- Fitness


As I discussed yesterday, you can’t completely change your mindset all at once!  Acheiving healthy habits and keeping them requires consistency.  So in order to trick your brain into thinking a healthy habit is a struggle, take baby steps.

When it comes to fitness, working out can be a hassle for some and torture for others.  There have been times when going to the gym just seems like such a chore- work is stressful, I have social events planned, etc.  The gym always feels like it should be last priority when I’m in that mindset.  But THEN I think about how amazing I’ll feel after I go.   Those endorphins start flowing and then after you know it, it’s over!  You did it! 

So where do you begin to change your mindset to make working out a priority?

  • Start by forcusing on how much walking you’re doing.   We have to walk at the store, walk to the bathroom, we walk everywhere.  Now try to up the amount you walk, go on a leisurely stroll around your neighborhood or walk around a park.
  • Bored of walking?  Try something new!  Go to a gym, do a class, lift weights, do the bike.  Do something you enjoy doing.    That is the most important part of this.  Do what you love!
  • As I’ve stated in previous blogs, make time for working out.  You don’t even have to call it working out.  Make time for you.  Do something that gets you moving and makes you happy!

Good luck and keep moving!  I will not be blogging everyday for a week or so, but look for my next once in a couple of days!