Ready for the Rest Day


My body is ready for the rest day tomorrow! One more week of this 2nd group of exercises starts on Weds! Excited to move on to the 3rd group! I was not able to even start the third section the last time I did Fastphysique because I hurt my shoulder. This time I’ve taken better precautions. I’ve been keeping the calories constant whereas last time I was dropping calories which I feel could be partially why I hurt myself.

I’m very excited for this program which is what keeps me motivated to wake up early everyday. I’m seeing some awesome physical changes and I’m feeling stronger! My endurance has also increased. Today was sprinting day. Mentally I was all ready to stop in the middle but I kept pushing!

Today coinsisted of sprinting intervals 90 sec sprint;60 sec walk 10 times!!! By 6 I was ready to stop. But instead of stopping I lowered the speeding for my sprints and continued on. They still felt intense though! What I love about this program is all the customizing I can do to adjust it to me! Can’t wait for Weds!!


Half Way Point!


This week marks just about the half way point of the FastPhysique program and I don’t see any slowing down in the near future!   I love this program and I’m excited to see where it takes me!  I’m already seeing some awesome results with my pants fitting better and I’m feeling stronger than ever!  I will continue to post my progress until I am done!


Taking Breaks


Yesterday I realized that my body was telling me something.  After a weekend full of squat PRs, heavy deadlifts, HIIT workouts, I was exhausted.  Now that I am not prepping for a show, but just trying to lose weight, I can manipulate this program any way I want.  This means I get to actually listen to my body. I knew if I didn’t take off working out yesterday, the trend would continue throughout the week to complete exhaustion.  I didn’t want that, but I knew taking one day off also wouldn’t hinder my progress. 

A lot of people forget to listen to what their bodies need.  We get so wrapped up in trying to acheive our goals ASAP that we forget that we need to live after that goal is reached.  I’m learning a lot more about myself during this program than I did in the 2 preps I did previously.  I was still learning then, but feel more confident now in knowing what my body and mind need.  🤗😪💪



So i haven’t been posting on here lately. I’ve realized that i used this as a way of keeping my mind off the competition diet. Now that it’s been 4 months, I’ve decided to blog again.

The motivation to work out has still been strong. I’ve been stronger than I’ve ever been in my entire life.  Deadlifting 255lbs for reps, learning new squatting technique, maxing out on bench and doing this all while enjoying life, food, and socializing.  Ah the joys of having it all.  

Even though i am quite content with the way i feel, i want to shed a few inches for our next Jamaica trip 2 months from today.  I will be starting the JAMAI-CUT!  Super excited.  

I found a program on called Chiseled.  Its an 8 week program that will have me eating a good amount of calories (no less than 1800 calories) and have me lifting and doing cardio religiously.  I am excited to do this because it is without professional guidance.  I am my own boss.  I am doing this for me and to not look competition ready but to be able to show off what I’ve got in a comfortable way that works for me.  So i am planning on continuing to blog about my progress.  I am being different and starting the lifting program on a Friday.  I’ve started the diet and it’s been very filling.   I’ve also found this awesome app called “Fitness Meal Planner” (sorry iPhone users, i could only find it on android).  I like it a lot better than my fitness pal because it gives you only healthy food options.  So no inputting mcdonalds lol.  And the Chiseled program provides you with what your calorie intake should be throughout the program. 

Wish me luck!!!! 😆

Sweet Potato Fries- Pam and Seasonsing Only


So i was out to find a new way to make my sweet potatoes and I love sweet potato fries.  So I Googled “Recipes for Sweet Potato Fries with no oil”.  I know Pam is oil, but during this prep it’s all I can use.  I knew that I could spray the potatoes and then put seasoning on, that’t not what I was looking for in the recipe.  What i wanted to find was times to make the best sweet potato fries.  What I found to work best from the recipes I looked at was to put them in the oven for 15 minutes at 420 F, then turn the broiler on for 5 minutes.  Wow, they came out perfect!  Only downside is when reheated, like all fries, they go a bit soggy, but since they’re sweet potatoes, they still taste awesome! 
Here are some pictures of my sweet potato cutting  process, baking and bagging.  Enjoy!