Favorite Back Work Out: Lat Pulldowns


Lat Pulldowns are an amazing back workout!  There are so many different variations that can be done and you don’t need a lat pulldown machine like I am using below.  Even though it’s one of the most frequently seen cable machines, you can also do the same motion if you have a full double cable pulley system or if you have bands.  In the  video below I’m doing two different variations of lat pulldowns: Reverse Close Grip and Neutral Grip.  I usually do another variation as well, Wide Grip, but the routine I did today didn’t include them.

Things to remember when doing any variations of lat pulldowns:

  • You want to start your set by trying not to move your whole body when pulling down, you want to focus as strictly on your lats as you can.
  • The stretch at the top is a great way to utilize the muscle to it’s full potential.
  • As you do more sets, you may find yourself rocking a little, which is fine, but try to keep as much of your lats into it as possible.

Before I went to Florida, I mentioned doing either a Powerlifting training program or FastPhysique again, BUT change of plans!  I will be traveling again in about 4 weeks, so I found a program on Bodybuilding.com that is a 4 week shred.  I’m going to be doing Kris Gethin’s 4weeks to Shred!  

I’m excited about this program.  It consists of about a half hour of lifting and then 30 mintutes of steady state cardio.  This morning was back day, here’s the routine!

  • Reverse Close Grip Pulldown (see video below)
    • 3 x 5/5;10/5;10;15 (drop sets)
  • Neutral Grip Pulldown (see video below)
    • 3 x 5/5;10/5;10;15 (drop sets)
  • Machine Row
    • 3 x 5/5;10/5;10;15 (drop sets)
  • T-Bar Row
    • 3 x 5/5;10/5;10;15 (drop sets)
  • Preacher Curl
    • 3 x 5/5;10/5;10;15 (drop sets)
  • 20 minutes of Stairs
  • 45 minute walk at lunch

Enjoy!!!  Tomorrow is Delta and Triceps!

Circuit Training Day with SheFit Ultimate Sports Bra!


Around 2 or 3 weeks ago, I went to my sister in law’s (Emma) company for a SheFit bra party.  If you’ve never heard of SheFit, it’s currently a sports bra focused company.  They have two different kind of sport bras, one is the Ultimate and the other is called a Lounge bra.  Going into the presentation, I had no expectations of buying one.  I really had no idea what to expect, I usually see Velcro and think “Hell no” because I assume it just doesn’t last and won’t be sturdy enough.  But I was willing to go to a party and try them on for free.  At the party, the owner of the company was there, Sara, and she explained why she created the bra and how it works.  She had a good reason to create it and it seemed easy enough to put on.  So Emma and I tried on a bra over our shirts that we thought would and wow!

Screenshot_20170623-173727Even though I had a shirt and another bra on, I knew there was something different about this sports bra.  So we went to the bathroom to really try them on because now I’m hooked!  HOLY COW!   This sports bra legit holds everything in place better than anything I’ve ever tried on.  It’s as customize-able as you can make a sports bra!   You buy your size based on the sizing chart and then you can adjust the rib cage band and the straps!!!  So now I’m hooked and I had to buy one.

Less than a week later, I get the bag in the mail and am all excited to try it on to find they sent me the Lounge bra on accident 😦 .  I left it in the bag, called the number on the receipt and they happily excepted their mistake and mailed me the correct sports bra right away and told me I could keep the Lounge bra!  SCORE!  Once I received the correct one in the mail, I didn’t want to try it out until I knew I was going to have a workout where I’d be doing a lot of jumping.  TODAY IS THE DAY!  It was fantastic!


Check out my workout below!  Check out SheFit.com today to get your sports bra!  I will probably be getting another one soon!


I’m Back!!! Shoulder Attack!


Today was one of my favorite days! Shoulder Day!  I started off with the same warm-up I mentioned before and did it even faster than last time! 7min42sec!  I dropped 20 seconds! Score!  So for my actual shoulder workout this is what I did:

  • Seated Shoulder Press
    • 4×10-12 pyramiding the weight up (25-30lbs)
  • Reverse Pec Dec
    • 4×12 constant weight
  • Triple Set! 3×12
    • Dropset- Plate Raises: 45lbs to 25lbs
    • Dumbbell Side Lateral Raises
    • Dumbbell Rear Delt Raises
  • Rear Delt Band Work (not in video)


Workout with Dad!


Thanks to taking off work today, I got a chance to work out with my dad! 

Along with Rob, he’s another person who is super influential in my bodybuilding lifestyle.  He basically started it from when I was still in diapers LOL!  Just kidding, but growing up we did have a full weight set in the basement that both my parents utilized.  My dad did a few bodybuilding shows as a teenager and has always loved bodybuilding.  Even after having shoulder surgery and back issues, he’s never stopped.  So today’s work out was chest and triceps.  I only got video footage of the end of our workout.  Enjoy!

Chest & Triceps

  • Warm-up- Incline Machine Press
    • 2x 15 
  • Flat Bench Brench
    • 4×8-12
  • Machine Flies
    • 4×12
  • Hammer Strength Decline Press
    • 4×12
  • Rope Pushdowns
    • 4×12
  • Assisted Pull Ups and Dips
    • 3×7 Dips (Tori)
    • 3×12 Pullups & Dips (Dad)



Back day has become a new favorite!  It used to be shoulders (still up there in the favorite body party to train list), but I have set a new goal for myself.  I want to make my back thicker!  Previously I was working on width and really focusing on giving myself that wing effect, but lately I’ve been super envious of that thicker back look.  So I have been focusing more on rowing at all different angles.

There are so many variations to a row: upright rows, low rows, barbell rows, seated rows, dumbbell rows, all the Hammer Strength Row machines (my gym alone has 3 different Hammer Strength machines for rowing).   All of those rows help to work the muscles in your back and make them thicker.  So please enjoy my back workout below with lots of rowing and some extras!



Win That Battle in your Mind! Leg Day!


4575761b4fefead9d796d9d1a1896c4eToday’s workout tested my mental strength to continue when I was feeling exhausted.  I was ready to throw in the towel so many times today (including getting out of bed), but just kept pushing myself because I knew I was just being mentally lazy.  We all get there sometimes.  That feeling of knowing we can, but just don’t want to try.  Well when I feel like that I know I just think about why I’m at the gym in the first place.  I was at that gym today because I want to get stronger and leaner.  I can’t get stronger and leaner sitting at home sleeping or giving up when I just don’t feel like it!  This is why I love rest based training.  It helps build that motivational strength and power!  I know I’m resting as long as I need to push harder for the next set.  Mentally, when I have a timed rest, I don’t work as hard on the next set because I tell myself that I didn’t recover long enough.  Everyone is different.  Rest based training may not work for everyone because they take too long in between sets and they need to have that timed recovery.  That’s fine as well!  You need to find what works for you!  Enjoy this video!f9fbb03bfc370779ff40067095259286

Leg Day!!