Caps on Caps on Caps- Shoulder Day!


Favorite day of the week!!!  Boulder Shoulder day!  Today’s workout was amazzzzzing.  I loved every single exercise and felt like I got an amazing pump!

  • 10 min HIIT- Elliptical (actually felt a bicep pump from this)
  • Barbell Overhead Push Presses
    • 1×12 (75); 1×9 (85); 1×6 (95); 1×3 (105); 1×12 (75)
  • Triset Circuit (not in the video)
    • 4×10 Dumbbell Arnold Press – 20lb DBs
    • 4×10 Plate Raises- 45lbs
    • 4×10 Dumbbell reardelt raises- 20lb DBs
  • 5 min Burnout:
    • 4 drop sets of Side Lateral Raises- 20lb DBs & 10lb DBs

Love Love Loved this!  Felt awesome and I feel like I finally I have the look I’ve been wanting!  Enjoy!




Ugh…just the title of this alone makes me want to runaway… walk away really fast… Running has never been a strong suit of mine. Since I was little I was never able to run for long distances without thinking I might die. It’s still the same…but I know mentally I’m not going to die. I know when to push myself and what I’m capable of. This is the hardest part about sprinting. When sprinting you want to give it your all! My mental issue with this when I was growing up and doing sprints on a soccer team or in gym class was that I was never able to catch my breath in between each sprint…because cmon..sprints are like wine…you can’t just have one.. lol!!! (BALANCE). As an adult, not on a sports team, I can build my endurance at my own pace and believe me, it has come a longggggggg way. I can take as long of a break as I feel I need and try to shorten it the next time. Not every goal is ‘how fast can I run’…. sometimes you need to have other goals like ‘how short of a break can I take so I can do that sprint again’.

Today consisted of six 40 second sprints (7mph-9mph on the treadmill) and 1 min 20 seconds of walking at 2.6mph in between each one.

This felt great!!!! I went around 2 miles in 30 min and at the end I even threw in jogging intervals 1 min at 5.5mph and 1 min walking for about 3 times. I felt Awesome!

Tomorrow is leg day. Doing front squats again and I feel like my form will be spot on! I’m going to stick to the weight I did last week to make sure I’m good.

Get your sprint on!!

Chest Killer


I don’t like push ups. I do them as a warm up for chest day, part of this tri-circuit and a burn out in this workout out, totaling around 116 push ups through out this workout. But I don’t like them!  I do them anyways because it’s going to make me better.  Granted, I’m not always doing push ups on my toes, I do what I can.  It doesn’t make the chest workout any less effective.

Today’s workout:

  • 10 min HIIT Incline Walking
  • Incline Barbell Bench Press (12, 9, 6, 3, 12; increasing weight as I go and then back to initial weight)
  • Tri set
    • 4 sets x 10 flat bench db flies
    • 4 sets x 10 close grip push ups
    • 4 sets x 10 overhead rope extensions
  • 5 min burnout- push ups

This was intense and awesome all at the same time!  I will be sore tomorrow!

Plateauing 😥


This past weekend I was asked “What do I do when I don’t feel like my workouts are enough anymore?”

This happens to everyone. We all plateau and recognizing when we’re plateauing is the first step to moving past it!

How does it feel to plateau?

You feel like you’re going through a routine and it doesn’t feel like it used to. Things that used to be hard, seem a little easier and your physical changes have seemed to come to a hault.

What do you do about it?

The obvious short answer would be to do something different. Here are some options that I rely on:

  • If you’re focusing solely on high intensity training or cardio, one option is to try a different form of cardio or my recommendation is to start resistance training.
  • Weight Training (resistance training) is the perfect plateau crusher because now your working a different part of your muscle than you were with cardio.
  • If your currently only doing resistance training switch it up for some cardio or a different style of resistance training
  • There are so many forms of weight training out there! For example, the person who asked this question said she works out at home and feels stuck. I suggested 2 things to her:
  • She should either take her current workout and add more weight to it. When adding more weight it can be tricky to figure out what’s too much and what’s not enough. I suggest seeing what weight you can do 20 reps of and then see what weight you can do 5 reps. Then meet in the middle and that’s the weight you should be able to get 8-12 reps out.
  • Because she may not have the extra weight at home, do a more focused version of each exercise (ie slow down a squat so you can really feel it when you go down and then slow back up). So even just changing the speed of your exercises makes a difference.
  • Rest days- sometimes taking a break for a day or two makes a huge difference. Our muscles need a break and it’s hard to remember that sometimes. I’ve felt the best during a workout right after I take a day or two to recoup.

Have a great day!

Favorite Back Work Out: Lat Pulldowns


Lat Pulldowns are an amazing back workout!  There are so many different variations that can be done and you don’t need a lat pulldown machine like I am using below.  Even though it’s one of the most frequently seen cable machines, you can also do the same motion if you have a full double cable pulley system or if you have bands.  In the  video below I’m doing two different variations of lat pulldowns: Reverse Close Grip and Neutral Grip.  I usually do another variation as well, Wide Grip, but the routine I did today didn’t include them.

Things to remember when doing any variations of lat pulldowns:

  • You want to start your set by trying not to move your whole body when pulling down, you want to focus as strictly on your lats as you can.
  • The stretch at the top is a great way to utilize the muscle to it’s full potential.
  • As you do more sets, you may find yourself rocking a little, which is fine, but try to keep as much of your lats into it as possible.

Before I went to Florida, I mentioned doing either a Powerlifting training program or FastPhysique again, BUT change of plans!  I will be traveling again in about 4 weeks, so I found a program on that is a 4 week shred.  I’m going to be doing Kris Gethin’s 4weeks to Shred!  

I’m excited about this program.  It consists of about a half hour of lifting and then 30 mintutes of steady state cardio.  This morning was back day, here’s the routine!

  • Reverse Close Grip Pulldown (see video below)
    • 3 x 5/5;10/5;10;15 (drop sets)
  • Neutral Grip Pulldown (see video below)
    • 3 x 5/5;10/5;10;15 (drop sets)
  • Machine Row
    • 3 x 5/5;10/5;10;15 (drop sets)
  • T-Bar Row
    • 3 x 5/5;10/5;10;15 (drop sets)
  • Preacher Curl
    • 3 x 5/5;10/5;10;15 (drop sets)
  • 20 minutes of Stairs
  • 45 minute walk at lunch

Enjoy!!!  Tomorrow is Delta and Triceps!

I’m Back!!! Shoulder Attack!


Today was one of my favorite days! Shoulder Day!  I started off with the same warm-up I mentioned before and did it even faster than last time! 7min42sec!  I dropped 20 seconds! Score!  So for my actual shoulder workout this is what I did:

  • Seated Shoulder Press
    • 4×10-12 pyramiding the weight up (25-30lbs)
  • Reverse Pec Dec
    • 4×12 constant weight
  • Triple Set! 3×12
    • Dropset- Plate Raises: 45lbs to 25lbs
    • Dumbbell Side Lateral Raises
    • Dumbbell Rear Delt Raises
  • Rear Delt Band Work (not in video)