Life Takes Over Sometimes


Hi everyone!

I’m sorry it’s been awhile again. I’ve been dealing with some things that have made me feel pretty unmotivated to write anything. I’ve been dealing with some pretty bad eczema flair ups and it’s been driving be absolutely insane trying to figure out what’s causing it (that craziness isn’t helping anything lol).

I’ve been mentally telling myself that I no longer need to follow a full on bodybuilders diet so I am moving on for now for my health. The timeline for when I started bodybuilding and adding more protein and when the eczema started coinside. So I am now torn between looking good and feeling good. The high protein diet definately gave me the look I was aiming for but over time has made me feel horrible.

The last few weeks have been eye opening. I’ve been feeling more tired than normal, my body has been reacting abnormally to food and drink that used to be fine and I have been stumped as to what could be causing all of this.

Hope kicked in a few weeks ago when I had pizza for dinner and the next morning I woke up to hands that didn’t hurt. I didn’t think anything of it so that night I had my normal eggs and Ezekiel Bread and the next morning my hands hurt. Again didn’t think anything of it. I kept thinking maybe it was some allergen in the house. So last Friday I had pizza again for dinner (I love me some pizza🍕🍕!!!) And again woke up the next morning and my hands felt awesome. So we all know the cure right?! PIZZA!!! HAHA! I wish! But no. Both nights there wasn’t a ton of protein in my dinner. So now I’m slowing my roll with protein. I’m not cutting it completely (because that would be almost impossible), but limiting the amount. I have been told on multiple occasions by multiple people that high protein is not the cause, but after 3 1/2 years of doing bodybuilding and 3 1/2 years of having eczema, I beg to differ. There is some connection (it could just be the meat?) and I’m hoping to find it.

My new diet has been mainly- Ezekiel bread, natural peanut butter, salad, black beans, avocado, cucumbers, onions, only 2 eggs vs 2full/3whites, fruits, greek yogurt, cottage cheese, and Apple cider vinegar. I found an article that split food into alkaline vs acid based and have been trying to focus on getting more alkaline based foods. Which also means switching from tap water to purified spring water.

I know this is long and not everyone deals with eczema, but I am sorry if you are too. It sucks. I’m seeing an allergist tomorrow in the hopes that they can shed a little more light on what causes my flare ups that I could be missing. I will post an update on Friday. Until then- keep lifting and stay motivated!

This is a good day :-(

This is a good day 🙁