675f46444cedacf8577cb46babf60f21We all go through moments of feeling super confident!  We wake up and feel like we can rock anything in our wardrobe, we go to the gym and rock every PR and feel amazing when we leave and then go out at night and feel even more confident and fantastic!

These are good days, days everyone should have more of!


Then there are days where you wake up feeling like nothing will look good on you, you’re feeling bloated and gross, your hair won’t do what you want it to do, you put on whatever because it won’t matter, nothing will look good.  These are the days we need less of.  This is how I have been feeling this week.  I worked out and felt awesome, but came home and looked in the mirror and had one of those blah feelings, like I don’t look like I feel….

What does that mean?  How am I supposed to look?  Isn’t that up to me?  Well it’s supposed to be and it is, but these days when you think too much about what other people perceive of you are the days when I don’t know what I’m supposed to look like.  I talk a big game of working out all the time, eating moderately healthy, but then I look in the mirror and think… this isn’t what people expect to see.  They don’t want to see someone who’s muscles aren’t as visible as they were before when this blog started, they don’t want to see someone who’s hips just keep getting wider regardless of what I do (besides insane dieting), and who’s stomach may seem flat, but keeps getting wider.   Where do these standards come from in my head?  They come from the lack of confidence I feel that probably relate to hormones (thanks hormones, you suck).  I catch myself following people on instagram who are both in super condition (ready for a show or keep posting pictures from when they did a bodybuilding show or photoshoot) and people who train like I do and look normal.   The normal ones are the pages that bring me back down to earth.  I’m not supposed to constantly have a six pack, nor am I supposed to feel fantastic 24/7 (if you feel fantastic 24/7 please give me your secret).  I just have to work on getting out of this mental block of feeling down on myself.  Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day.  I hope this helps you if you’re in a funk like I am.