I haven’t written in a couple days because I have been stumped about what to write about and am currently not feeling excited about anything new. I have a lot coming up in the next few weeks and that stuff is currently pre-occupying my mind. I’m still lifting every other day, for some reason my immune systems seems to not be too happy with me right now when I workout two days in a row, so I’m taking it easy. I’m doing Kris Gethin’s workout plan still and I’m actually loving that. Yesterday was leg day.

The exercises consist of 4 sets. The first 2 are sets of 10, the third set is 10 reps then drop weight rest 10 seconds and do 20 reps, and the fourth set is 10 reps drop weight rest 10 seconds do 20 reps, break 20 seconds then 10 reps.

So the exercises were:

Lying Leg Curls

Smith Machine Feet Forward Squats

Leg Extension

Leg Press

Stationary Bike for 30 min.

Oye, on top of that, I came home and decided that my husband and I would rip up our deck, so more cardio!

I’m hoping if something comes up in this brain of mine, I will write about it! Until next time!